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High Tech Security Cameras to Protect your Property

Security camera footage viewed from your smartphone when you need it, where you need it

With 24/7 access to CCTV footage, watching after your valuables, equipment, and business properties has never been easier. Receive alerts when there are any break ins or suspicious behaviour around your valuables.

Say goodbye to theft that costs your business

Our experts will work with you to customise the best possible camera system for your business, whether it’s for your garage, parking lot, retail floor, or storage space. With years in the business, we’ll know exactly how to set up our cameras to keep your assets safe.  

Security doesn’t have to be expensive

We are offering significant discounts on our high tech security systems to help people who have too much at stake to lose. When you fill out your info today, we’ll even take off the call-out fee, and let you know if you are eligible for a free quote.  

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Home Security for the Modern Family or Business

In today’s world, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important during your everyday life. Our state of the art CCTV security camera systems keep an eye on your property and family no matter how busy life gets. Whether you're at home, at work, or even on vacation, our 24/7 home security systems will help you watch over your property whenever you like, and alert you of any anomalies or threats.

Luckily, taking the next step in home security doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. Our experts at GESA can work with you to design a comprehensive security plan for your household, all while maintaining our top notch service levels. When you fill out your information today, we’ll even take off our call-out fee to help you get started! So why wait to keep your home safe, when you can take control of security today.

Workmanship Fully Guaranteed We will replace equipment free of charge if anything goes wrong

Outstanding Customer Service Backed by our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

No Call-Out Fee When you claim this offer, there's no call-out fee to help you get set up for less 

Free No Obligation Quotes For larger systems

30 Years Experience GESA has set the standard for workmanship and securities installations in South Australia

Clean, On-time & Professional All the time 


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"I’d like to introduce you to the fussiest electricians in Adelaide, Garry and Mike. They arrive on time, they do exactly what you ask, they will also point out other issues that need to be done to bring your home or office into regulation and code. The reliability of GESA is second to none. You may have tried others, you may have even used Garry before, I can assure you you made the right choice."  

James Marciniak

"I am so impressed with Gary & his team for being so accommodating and providing a great service. The bonus is that it’s a local company so the money is spent local. I would not hesitate to recommend them. Thank you very much!!"  

Silvana Cusack

"We are extremely grateful for Garry and Mike getting a job done for us immediately and extremely well done, when we were let down and misinformed by someone else. They were prompt, tidy, courteous and explained everything in depth to us. Also pointing out a few things we hadn't thought of. I'm glad we have now found a reliable electrician who we will definitely be getting out to do more work for us in the future"  

Yin Yang

Take Control Of Your Security With GESA Electrical

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Take Control Of Your Security With GESA Electrical

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